Based on the perspective 'Are we providing the value that our customers truly want?' we will reinterpret the essence of our business and seek out consistent challenges that will prioritize customer value as the company’s essential task. CEO Yoon Chun Sung

Hello everyone,
thank you for visiting the LG International website.

Since its establishment in 1953, LG International has consistently been able to grow in the global market
through a series of new changes and innovations
despite having to deal with an uncertain business environment and fierce market competition.

Together with the vision ‘Future in Business Solution’ that leads the
way to a brighter future through business solutions,
LG International will focus on promoting competitive businesses such as coal and palm
so that we can further strengthen our business portfolio
while at the same time devoting ourselves to develop a suitable profit model and further expand the value chain.
For our trading businesses which include petrochemical and electronic components,
we will put greater emphasis on the functional enhancement while advancing the earnings foundations
in order to improve our executive ability.

We vow to continue our innovative efforts to stay up to date with technology.

Especially, we will do our utmost to conduct a thorough customer value creation and business value improvement to provide our company
with the necessary capabilities to take a great step forward.
As part of the plan, LG International will actively develop new business opportunities
by focusing on the fields that can expect great synergy with our existing businesses
and the ones that display promising future growth.

We will focus on coal and palm since we have experience and capability in the field to secure new assets for resource development. In addition, we will expand the revenue base with the advanced management of the current investment projects.

Thank you very much.