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LG International Has Nominated YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President as CEO
Date : 2018-11-28 | View : 67,994

LG International Has Nominated YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President as CEO 


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YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President



On Nov. 27, LG International held a board meeting to nominate YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President as CEO and at the same time, carried out the regular appointment of executives by announcing the new appointment of three new Vice Presidents and the promotion of one executive.


YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President graduated from Yonsei University as an undergraduate and Yonsei University Graduate School Department of Geology. He joined LG International in 1989 as a new employee, and since then he has been in charge of the head of the Coal Business Division 1 (Vice President), the head of Indonesia region representative (Senior Vice President), and the head of the Resources Business Group (Executive Vice President).


LG International has great expectations for YOON CHUN SUNG Executive Vice President to contribute to the construction of a solid resource and infra oriented business structure along with the stable profit creation based on his considerable expertise in the resources business and his successful investment business experiences.


In addition, as part of the human resources affairs meeting, LG International newly appointed PARK DONG SOO the head of the Indonesia Palm Business Unit, KIM JUN HYOUNG the head of the Muscat Office, and MOON HYUN JIN the head of the Human Resources Management Team as Vice Presidents, in addition to transferring MIN BYEONG IL Vice President of LG Electronics as CFO in LG International.



<New Appointment of Vice President>

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   PARK DONG SOO Vice President         KIM JUN HYOUNG Vice President          MOON HYUN JIN Vice President                                            


<Executive Transfer>

     민병일 상무_임원 전입.jpg

     MIN BYEONG IL Vice President             




A spokesperson from LG International mentioned “This time, our human resources affairs intended to appoint people who have made the most appropriate accomplishments in line with the future preparation of LGI based on their leadership and expertise.” The staff member also had this to say, “We will strive to construct a stable and sustainable business structure and reinforce our business competitiveness.”


Furthermore, SONG CHI HO President who for the past 35 years has worked tirelessly for the company, and been an excellent leader of LG International will retire(at the regular age limit) from the company and take up the position of an adviser in the future.



LG International Executive Appointment Lists 2019


■ CEO Nomination 

Executive Vice President





■ New Appointment of Vice President : 3 persons  

Vice President


Head of the Indonesia Palm Business Unit

Vice President


Head of the Power & Infra Project Division

Vice President


Head of the Human Resources Division


■ Executive Transfer : 1 person 

Vice President