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LGI CEO Song Chi-Ho is Promoted to President
Date : 2016-12-01 | View : 64,521

LGI confirmed the 2017 annual appointment of executives during the board meeting held on the 1st of the month and announced the promotion of one president, one senior vice president, and two vice president.  


During this meeting, executive vice president(CEO) Song Chi-Ho who has built a stable business structure based on resources and infrastructure and secured future growth engines was promoted to president(CEO).


President(CEO) Song joined LGI in 1984 after graduating from the Department of Economics of Korea University. He was s head of the Industrial Materials Group 2, head of the Indonesia Region, head of the Resources and Raw materials Group, and the executive vice president(CEO) of LGI.


President(CEO) Song is known as ‘the legitimate LGI-man’ who has successfully managed resources and infrastructure investment projects both at his office and on the sites.


In addition, LGI promoted vice president(CFO) Park Yon-Hwan who led the establishment and implementation of the medium and long-term strategy of the company to that of an senior vice president. Baek Pungryeol (head of the Food&Commodities Division) and Kang Seong-Cheol (head of Jeongdo Management Division) were also appointed to the vice president.


A representative of LGI stated that, “LGI has actively appointed young and capable talents to promote various projects and vitalize the organization” and added, “We will continue to strive to build a stable and sustainable business structure and strengthen our competitiveness through these new appointments.”