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A Unique ‘SO:POONG’ Event of LGI for a Better Communication Environment
Date : 2016-04-13 | View : 75,250

LGI rolled up its sleeves to improve the levels of communication within the company. The purpose of the workshop was to create an organizational culture that will enable the employees to feel pride and passion as professional businessmen while enjoying their work.


CEO Song Chi-Ho held the ‘SO:POONG’ event on the 12th floor at LG Twin Tower in Yeouido with 300 employees in attendance.


This is a completely different event from the regular Morning Assembly that are held every quarter. Various events and lectures were prepared to enhance the participation of all employees and executives and help them to have fun while smoothly communicating with each other.


Each participant received a ‘fortune cookie’ during the event and some of them won surprise gifts.


In addition, they also made and flew paper planes on which they wrote their hopes and wishes for the management group or their colleagues. Meanwhile, a mutual communication channel for the management group and employees, Future Board, was officially launched during the event.


Future Board is an internal communication tool that means, ‘a council for future preparation’ and was created to allow for the smooth communication between the management group and employees to better understand each other, improve the organizational culture, and promote the development of the company.  


CEO Song Chi-Ho highlighted the improvements that must be made for the better organizational culture of LGI during the event to the participants and said, “LGI must be a company where you can feel pride as a professional businessman, exert passion, and enjoy your work.”  


LGI plans to promote various cultural activities within the organization to focus on ▲the smooth communication between the management and employees, ▲professionalism ▲strong relationship between co-workers ▲enhance the happiness of families and society.


CEO Song said, “You must be happy and enjoy your work so you can stay focused and come up with creative ideas” and added, “I will strive to create the distinct culture of LGI where people communicate with each other well while staying strong, tenacious, and smart”


Executives and employees of LGI gathered together on the 12th floor at LG Twin Tower in Yeouido and are flying paper planes on which they wrote their hopes and wishes for the company and their colleagues.