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LG International Members “We present our grateful heart to our parents”
Date : 2019-05-09 | View : 51,447

LG International Members “We present our grateful heart to our parents”

More than 200 LGI members are making flower boxes for Parents’ Day




LGI members make flower boxes decorated with carnations and mini roses and present them to their parents for Parents’ Day.

On May 3rd, LGI announced that it held an in-company event ‘Making flower boxes for Parents’ Day’ to encourage the members to think about the meaning of Parents’ Day and express their appreciation to their parents. On the day of the event, about 140 LGI members took the time to participate in making the flower boxes that will display their gratitude to their parents. Besides, another event is scheduled to be held on the day before Parents’ Day which will include approximately 60 LGI members.

The annual ‘Making flower boxes for Parents’ Day’ event was held for the second time this year, and it was first hosted after originating from an idea presented by the Future Board, the in-company communicating organization of LGI, and the floral arranging club L.Flora in answer to the question ‘how about we help our LGI members so that they can make flowers for their parents by themselves?.’ This event was directly planned and hosted by the company members, and it has become significantly popular since the number of LGI employees participating in the activity has increased from 160 people last year to more than 200 people this year.