LGI is expanding infra & Industrial business as a new driving force for growth to establish a stable supply base. We are also steadily making profits by extending investment businesses while continuing operation of our existing contract businesses.

LGI trades various chemicals and basic petrochemicals including polyethylene, polypropylene, and plastic resins.

In particular, LGI invested in a coal-based urea plant located in Inner Mongolia for the first time in Korea and obtained a marketing license to produce a gas and petrochemical plant. Also, the company was successful in Turkmenistan which allowed them to focus on reinforcing the supply chain and stabilizing its profitability.

LGI is participating in infrastructure projects that are required for the industrialization and economic development of emerging markets that have huge growth potential.

LGI is perfectly fulfilling its role as a project developer that manages the overall business as an investor, project financing, materials supplier, construction and maintenance company while carrying out various industrial infrastructure projects including a cogeneration plant in China, hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia, gas thermal power plant in Oman, and cement plant in Myanmar.

LGI supplies display and home appliances parts to global IT manufacturers.

In particular, LGI immediately supplies our products to our clients at the right time using the VMI(Vendor Management Inventory) System to conveniently and effectively manage products, inventories, as well as for customs clearance.

LGI is promoting vehicle-related projects targeting the automotive industry of emerging countries and strategic markets.

Therefore, the company is working together with global automobile manufacturers and LG affiliates and working as a project developer & organizer that provides the complete solution from engineering to facilities and parts supply.